Look forward to cooperating with distributors or new people who are interested in customized promotional items.

Please be free to contact us by info@ybuw.com for more details about our distributor's program.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1, Does the price include shipping cost?
  • 2, Is there any hidden or setup charge?
    No, there is NO setup charges or hidden charges, the quotation we provide is the exact and only cost you need to pay.
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  • 3, How can I get a quotation?
  • 4, What should I provide to get a quotation?
  • 5, Is there any extra cost for using my logo on lanyards?
  • 6, What is the minimum order quantity?
  • 7, How long dose it take to get a quotation?
  • 8, Can I get sample before ordering large orders?
  • 9, Do I need to pay for any taxes?