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Custom Metallic Thread Embroidered Patches

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  • Custom Metallic Thread Embroidered Patches
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Name: Metallic Thread Embroidered Patches
No.: PA0102
Rush Service: Yes
Minimum Order Quantity: 20 pcs
Style: Embroidered Patches
Thread Type: Metallic Thread
The metallic gold or silver thread achieves a vibrant effect similar to neon colors. Under the light, the gold or silver metallic color will shimmer as if there are actual metal shavings embedded in the design.
Embroidered Patches
Our patches have a number of different options that are available so our customers can make their patch as unique as they want.You can choose the size,shape,embroidery level and backing type as you like.We can do at most 9 color for embroidered patch with high quality and classic look. It´s your ideal choice for many meaningful and memorable events.
1. Plain Backing: Only can be sewn onto fabrics, the twill on the backside is easy to see and generally more pliable and flexile.
2. Pellon Backing:It can be sewn onto fabrics and the backside is looks more smooth and beautiful with pellon fabric cover the thread and embroidery.
3. Iron on Backing:It’s easy for you to Iron on the patches,approximately 20-30 seconds. Please note that some materials are not suitable for this backing style, especially hats, which are easy to fall off. On these materials, this kind of backing style usually has to be sewn up to be firm.
4.Tape Backing:It’s easy to use on any garments and remove it.It’s the best choice for short-events.
5. Single Velcro:It has hook side of the velcro,which is easy to stick to clothes and more convenience than sewn on patch.
6. Double Velcro:This is the most convenience and enduring patch because it’s every easy to fasten patch onto other surface and can be removed to save up when they are not needed.
7.Safety Pin Backing:It can make embroidery patch onto many other kinds of fabrics and no need worry falling.
8. Key chain:It’s very convenient to make this patch with keys for you to carry with daily activities.And it’s also a very special and meaningful one to commemorate something.
Embroidery Level
For simple logo or artwork, 50% embroidery level is good,and half of the twill on the back will be visible.
For more a bit more complicated artwork, for example with more texts and logos,we suggest 75% embroidery level,less of the twill on the back will visible.
For really complicated artwork and logo,100% embroidery is highly recommended, it can do more details and no twill will be visible on the backside.
Patch Size
We provide 8 patch sizes currently. For other shapes that are not square or custom shapes, the maximum value of the height and width of the logo is the value of the selected size. For example, when you choose 2inchx2inch and the height of your logo is greater than its width, then the length will be 2inch and the width will be reduced proportionally.
Paypal is the first choice for payment. It is total safe for you and guarantees your payment in 180 days after you pay. Other payment options includes Master Card, Visa Card, Western Union and Bank Transfer. All are secured.

Border Type

There are three border type we can offer and they are the most popular choice.

Die cut border takes the shape of your artwork or logo.They look simila with merrow border but not handmade, directly embroidered by the machine with other embroidere parts. It good for both regular shape and custom shape.

Merrow border is good for regular shape like circle,square and rectangle.It will raise the edge of all the way around your patch. If your artwork has a complicated outline, we sugguest you did not choose this border because the actual effect will be very poor. Please refer to the following symmetrical regular graphics. If your artwork is the following graphics or similar, you can select this border style.

Hot cut is the perfect choice for custom shape,usually for intricate one.