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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1, Will the Silicone Wristband Shrink?

    Do you think silicone wristband will shrink?

    Many people ask us this question from time to time. As a matter of fact, we all know the principle that heat makes something expand and cold makes it contract. However, not all the products will shrink, it depends on the materials. Products made of different materials have different degrees of shrink range. For other materials, I am not so professional, but at least for silicone wristbands, we are professional. For 210mm circumference silicone wristbands or rubber bracelets, after hot pressing molding, they will become 209mm, 208mm or 207mm, so maximum shrink range just up to 3 mm, at least 1 mm. Why is this happening? 

    Thermal expansion and cold contraction are the best answers to this question. Let me Illustrate with a vivid example. In our daily cooking, when eggs meet conventional high temperatures, they will slowly grow larger. Boiled eggs will slowly become smaller after being cooled, which is a good principle of thermal expansion and contraction. That's why the silicone bracelet has some degree of shrinkage.

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