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Because We Offer

Order Tracking System

We offer our Customer a Management system to manage their order and business with us and that we call OMS - Order Management System. The Order Management system is fully power-packed with various features. This is a web based system, so a customer can access to their account(OMS account) from any device that supports browser and have internet connection.

Our Order Management System is very user friendly. It is easy to manage order, process payment flexibly, check status of your order anytime, see digital proof of your order, contact management team to update your order. Our Management Team and Customer Service Team is always there for you to help you with any query.

The purpose of the OMS is to provide you a hassle free service, by that you can manage your own order on the run. We understand the urgency of a customer who wants to know details of their order process and other status about their order and as a answer for this we came up with our Order Management System to provide our customer a Wonderful business experience.