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Strict Quality Control

For ybuw, making the lanyards/wristbands with great quality is the first step. The next step which is the same important is lanyards/wrisbands for quality checking. In every step of lanyards/wristbands making, we have professional team to inspect with a series of methods. We hope when the customer receives lanyards, it is exactly the same as what you ordered.

We have established a special team, which is in charge of lanyards/wristbands quality control. We also have a series of professional inspection methods to check superior lanyards/wristbands. From the starts choosing material to final finished product, we strive to meet the customer demands exactly.

Before productive process, our quality inspection specialist tests those material, such as Nylon, Polyester fiber or Cotton or other common material, the specialist will keep the record for each material and make the judgment if it is up to standard. On the other hand, we check the printing machine if it runs smoothly. In the end, the QC team can collect the common problems together and discuss how to do better in the future.

During productive process, we have auditor to supervise workers production and inspect the quality, if it is not good, we have to re-produce until it is qualified.

After productive process, we still need to check the lanyards/wristbands if it is the same as what customer required, like the printing position, custom color shading and etc. And the specialist collates the products with the order information in our order management system. After that, the final step is to pack the lanyards correctly.